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Here at RedVan Solutions we care about your sows and their offspring

It all starts with the sow

1        By creating an optimal Sow Body Condition

Autonomous management based on the sows individual needs creates a large group of sows in ideal condition.

2       By optimizing her output

Sows in optimal condition are healthy, have increased longevity, the lowest level of returns and deliver the highest amount of healthy, high value weaned pigs.

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Your sow is where it all starts

Sow are the starting point of beautiful, healthy and tastefull pork.  They have to produce efficient, healthy, good pigs. Producing good, healthy pigs require sows that are up to the job.

Your sows need to be in absolute top condition during both gestation and farrowing as it is no easy task they have to fulfill time and again. The correct amount of feed is a very important factor in this.

ESF - Electronic Sow Feeding

Many producers have therefore implemented automatic feeding systems (ESF). An ESF system is great to automate a repetitive task such as feeding. It delivers to each sow a programmed quantity of feed, day after day. Some systems even registers whether all sows have finished their portion.


But are you feeding each sow to her needs? Probably not as the amount of feed is based on the feed plan instead of the individual condition of the sow.

Research shows that body condition varies a lot during gestation. An automated system isn't able to respond to those variations unless the operator changes it's settings.

Why do I need the Body Condition

The sow's condition is key to her performance. If she's not in ideal condition she's not capable of delivering the desired results.

There are several ways to determine the sows condition, e.g. measuring tapes, calipers, back fat measurements. But the down side of these systems is they require a lot of labor and knowledge. And that's exactly what you're short of, skilled labor.

Automated Weighing

Automatic weighing is tracking the condition of your sows throughout their entire gestation. Without any need for labor.

Combining the weigh data with her amount of feed allows you to manage the body condition of each individual sow. However as automation isn't responsive you still need to process all that data and enter the results manually into the system. Which again comes down to labor and knowledge.

Introducing the next level

Autonomous Body Condition management

Autonomous body condition management is a combination of Automation and AI. It takes all available data of each sow to bring and maintain her in an optimal condition at all stages of the production proces.

Fully autonomous and based on your current feeding schedules and weight ranges. Taking out the hassle of monitoring the condition of all your sows week by week. 

What's in it for me?

Our service delivers, among other things, more and better piglets, higher fertility, better feed conversion and lower mortality in both piglets and sows.

But perhaps the most important result is the reassuring feeling that your sows are in optimal condition throughout their gestation. Enabling them to deliver the best possible performance. So you and your staff can employ your skills where it yields most.

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