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Your sows are talking to you.
But are you listening?

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RedVan Solutions specializes in optimizing the usage of ESF systems for sow farmers and digitalizing the processes surrounding gestation, farrowing, and breeding. To keep developing your company you need to process the data.coming from an ever increasing level of automation.This leads to a strongly improved return, lower feed usage, reduced labor needs, harboring knowledge, better insight into the production process and, last but not least, more job satisfaction.

Sow Body Condition

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Feed is expensive, every reason to make sure it's used well. 
The body condition of a sow (BCS) is the best parameter to make sure she's able to deliver to the best of her capabilities. There are several ways to check if you are on track regarding her condition. But there's only one way that enables you to fully automate it.

ESF systems in combination with integrated weighscales is the perfect combination to feed her according to her condition. Week after week.

The RedVan Solutions service runs fully autonomously the daily routines of your ESF systems based on the feed plans that you and your nutritionist have decided on. Outsourcing the entire ESF management guarantees you combining real time feed and weigh data in the best possible way without lifting a finger. The entire process is digitalized avoiding human errors. Plus you are freed from training staff on ESF systems

What is your next step?

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It's the start of further digitalization of processes surrounding gestation, farrowing, and breeding. Leading to much improved results, more indepth insight into the production process and, above all, more job satisfaction.

Curious about what this could mean for your operation? Send us your email below or click on the Let's Chat button in the down right corner. Talk soon.

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