Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to weigh my sows?

There are 3 ways to assess your sows on condition, measure back fat, with measuring tape or weighing. Just like bacon, the measuring tape is very labor intensive. Weighing the sows is easy, requires no specific knowledge and can even be fully automated if desired.

How many times do I need to weigh my sows?

We recommend to weigh them at least at Farrowing IN and Farrowing Out. That will give you a good indication where you are in preparing your sows for their task. However the development during gestation is important too. So collecting weight data during gestation will add a lot of valuable information.

Why do I need to weigh their offspring?

The offspring is the outcome of the caretaking you’ve put into your sows. So weighing your offspring tells you how well you’ve prepared your sows for their tough task of raising vital, fast growing piglets. Plus it gives you a good indication of your overall performance.

Can I link RedVan to other systems?

The answer is simple, it’s your data. If you want us to connect to another system then we’ll do that. Obviously, it must be technically possible to link and the other party allows both systems to be linked. Please note, additional costs may occure.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No you don’t. We work with a fee per registered animal. If you stop registering animals with us you stop paying. If you decide to start again we’ll start charging you the fee again.

What do I need?

If you want to use datafication properly to support your management, you need weighing equipment, readers and ear tags. The number of users and the number of devices on which you run RedVan is free.

Do I need to install software?

The RedVan system is completely browser based. You don’t need to install a thing. Just open your browser on the device of your choice and away you go!

When do I need to pay?

Depends a little what you order. We sell hardware like readers, scales and ear tags. They are invoiced as and when you order them.

The animal fee is invoiced monthly over the newly added animals

Who owns the data?

Very simple, you do, the owner of the animals. We can use the data to improve our services to you. That’s it. 

Do I need to use RFID?

No you don’t have to. But it makes it a lot easier if you do. Manual entries are prone to regular mistakes. RedVan can handle all forms of ID’s but we highly prefer UHF RFID as that is the most versatile and cost effective solution.

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