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The Mobile First Approach

Your cell phone is indispensable nowadays. What don't you use that for?

However it doesn’t work well with static desktop-first software. You're  stuck with the expansive desktop interface on your tiny mobile displays, meaning you’ll have to zoom and pan around just to get things done. Not really what you are looking for, right?

With "Mobile first" all functionalities are optimised to be viewed on your phone.

Datafication at your fingertips using the latest technology.

In the pocket!

Collecting the data

The barn is where the bulk of the data is collected.

The Redvan app (Android) is leading here. Reducing manual entries to an absolute minimum. Birth, weights, insemination’s, treatments, losses, everything is recorded using the app.

Every registered animal has its own passport that you can consult at any time. All registered actions are shown here.

All information at your fingertips

The Tableau Mobile app (Android + iOS) shows all your collected data accurately converted into information. Of course you can view this on a larger screen such as your laptop or even your TV screen. Whatever you prefer.

Always convenient, user-friendly interactive screens. All the information you need, wherever you are. Right there in your pocket.

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