Your offspring - your true earning capacity

Get a grip on your money maker

As a pig farmer, your yield, your earning capacity, is determined by the price for the product at the time of delivery, the actual sale.

Since you have little or no influence on market prices, the majority of your opportunities for margin growth lie within your company. Healthy, well-growing animals have a low mortality rate, a better feed conversion, produce better quality and require relatively little attention. This applies to both the sow and her offspring.

Remember that often “rubbish in = rubbish out”, or inaccurate information often leads you to the wrong conclusions, which leads to the wrong solution.

It’s not only about larger litters

A well-growing piglet must have access to as much milk as possible during the farrowing period. For this, the sow will have to take in as much feed as possible in order to have enough energy for her milk.

A high feed intake is only possible if she has been able to develop well during her youth and maintain optimal condition during her productive life. The graph below shows the required amount of milk per day per litter and per piglet.

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