Time to put the spotlight on your offspring

How about your offspring?

Knowing everything about your sows is great of course.

But let’s face it, it’s their offspring that generates your turnover.

High time to bring them into the spotlight.

Turn on that spotlight

Each piglet gets plenty of attention from their mother (and you) during the farrowing period. But when weaned they’re suddenly on their own.

Chances are that excellent weaned piglet loses its shine without you noticing it. Until the damage is done. Happens to the best of us.

Monitoring the growth per random sample per age group gives you sufficient insight into the underlying processes such as weaning dip and feed and water intake.

We’ll convert all that data in easy to read information and notify you should things go of track. (notification available soon)

Let's put your production process into the spotlight. 

Watch how it works

See for yourself how easy it is to record birth and weaning weights. Click on the YouTube button to watch the offspring channel 

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