Let’s talk sows

Sows, the heart of your production process

Producing pork consists roughly of 2 parts:

  1. Everything that happens around the sow to enable her producing high-quality offspring.

  2. The process with the offspring, from fresh born piglet to delivered finisher.

Both parts are inextricably linked and can only proceed optimally if all conditions are met.

Datafication of both processes provides good, reliable information that forms the basis for your daily management of production.


Sow body condition management, weight development and feed intake, are key during gestation. 

Clear graphical overviews show at a glance where improvements are possible.

Together with other parties such as the feed and genetics supplier, a solution can be worked on based on that information after the cause has been determined

By using smart technology, the system alerts you to sows that deviate from the standard, if desired. that saves a lot of searching and simplifies correction.

Because, well, it all starts with the sow right?


Gilts that are mated at the correct weight produce 0.7 live-born piglets more per litter.

This positive development, more live-born piglets, continues throughout the entire productive phase of the sow. A prerequisite for this is, of course, that the sow is kept in optimal condition throughout her productive life.

Practical example:

Based on the company information with regard to the gilt and sow weights, the feeding strategy in particular was adjusted. Result:

  • litter size +1.2 piglet

  • average weaning weight + 0.4 kg (varies between 7.5 and 8.0)

  • farrowing percentage from just above 80% to well above 90%. One percent farrowing is 0.1 piglet.

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Okay, you’ve got the drift about the sows. But how about their offspring?

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